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Dr. Morar became interested in the Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) procedure as soon as he learned about it in the early part of his residency training in 2001. This early interest led Dr. Morar to seek out an Interventional Radiology fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic in 2005,where they were treating some of the highest volume of UFE patients in the world. Additionally, the Cleveland Clinic had a very unique collaboration with Interventional Radiology physicians working hand in hand with the Director of Hysteroscopic Surgery, Dr. Linda Bradley. Dr. Bradley is arguably the foremost expert in the world when it comes to fibroid treatments and selecting the appropriate patients for this procedure. Dr. Morar formed a close relationship with Dr. Bradley, and she taught him much more than evaluating what types of patients would do well from a technical perspective; she taught him what it means for women to have alternatives to a hysterectomy and about a condition called Post-Hysterectomy Syndrome. This condition addresses the complexities of issues that women have to deal with after a hysterectomy, such as sexual dysfunction and depression, in addition to the hormonal imbalances after surgery.

For Dr. Morar, it did not make sense that our society had become so accustomed to routinely removing an entire organ for a completely benign (non-cancerous) condition such as fibroids, when there was a perfectly reasonable alternative procedure like UFE. This treatment has been proven effective, less invasive, safer, and more affordable than a hysterectomy. Dr. Morar remembers this as being the turning point at which he began to look at UFE as much more than any other Interventional Radiology procedure.

In Dr. Morar’s view, UFE is a technically advanced procedure that is easier on the patients than a hysterectomy. The UFE procedure is done thru an IV in the arm, requires no general anesthesia, and is performed in less than 45 minutes with no surgical incisions. The alternative is a procedure that completely removes female organs and has a potential for a very long recovery process. In many ways, it is truly a social justice cause for women.

Over the span of Dr. Morar’s career, it has become obvious that most women never consider UFE as an option because they simply do not know about it and, unfortunately, unfortunately, most women may not be offered this as an option as part of their treatment plan. Therefore, educating as many women as possible about this procedure has become a mission of Dr. Morar, the other physicians, and the entire staff at Dayton Interventional Radiology.


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